Access control and intercoms

Why do you need an access control system?

To reduce the risk of unwanted intruders, there should always be a controlled process for someone to access your property. Some businesses have reception areas, but many don’t. Using one of a multitude of different technologies, you can secure every entrance to your home or office so you know exactly who is on site. If you are required to document everyone who comes and goes from your business, to be compliant with health and safety or operational security, we can set up digital signing-in systems so that everyone that enters your premises is recorded.

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Our access control and intercom services include:

IP intercom systems – Use internet-connected devices to speak and see who is requesting access from a remote control room or even a mobile phone. These can connect locally or off-site to a control room or to a mobile phone, enabling you to see and hear and give access to anyone you want to.

Key fob entry – A quick and easy solution that gives certain designated personnel access.

Proximity ID card – By issuing an ID card that gives access to specific doors you can control who has access to where in your building. This can be extended to cover other sites using your network to communicate.

Biometrics – For a high-tech solution, you can restrict access to specific people based on their fingerprints or face.

Keypad entry – Coming in both digital and analogue setups, keypad entry only allows people who know the code to enter.

Mobile phone use – We can also set up the system to use Bluetooth technology so users with an app on their phone can gain access without a card or key fob.

Computer control – By linking your access system to a PC, you can give varying levels of access to different people and can set hours when they have access, even down to giving visitors access for a couple of hours.

Door release – Using high-powered electromagnets, doors can be sealed shut until opened remotely, either by the access system or intercom.

Interface – Where an access control system prevents egress through fire exits or on routes to fire exits, we advise that every door controller has an interface to the fire alarm so that, if a fire alarm does occur, the door is automatically unlocked.

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Frequently asked questions

We can design and install an access control system to cover one door on your office or multiple doors in different buildings in any location. All we need to link systems together is a network connection.

We can fit an intercom to virtually any door so that you can talk to callers and, by adding an electric release, open the door for them.

We can design and install automatic gates and barriers controlled by an intercom or an access control system, or even use automatic number plate recognition so known vehicles are let in or out. Fitting an intercom to link the gate to your house or into the office gives you added security so only those you want to get entry, can get in.  We can even link gates and barriers to your mobile phone so you can see and talk to callers wherever you are.

We can design a system to use cards that can be printed for use as ID cards, or that use key fobs or even a mobile phone via Bluetooth. For higher security systems we can even use fingerprint or facial recognition to restrict access. Our surveyors will discuss the options with you to ensure you get a system that works for you.

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