Commercial intruder alarms

Why do you need a commercial intruder alarm?

Beyond needing a compliant security system for your insurance policy, you should protect your assets and property from theft and damage by adding additional security measures. With an intruder alarm system, you can arm and disarm many of them remotely, using a mobile phone. By adding  CCTV and interconnecting with the intruder alarm, you can view a feed from the CCTV cameras, and contact the authorised security officer or key holder. These systems can also be monitored and managed remotely by a designated team for a fraction of the cost of hiring a guard. 

Integrating access control will also enable you to restrict access to authorised personnel. By interconnecting these systems you can get pictures of anyone entering or leaving, and be notified of anything that could be a cause for concern.

With larger systems, we can even provide a graphic display for a Control Room showing exact points of activation and the associated images.

Vale Fire & Security Intruder Alarm
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Our intruder alarm systems include:

Intruder alarms – We can design a network of security devices to detect intruders as soon as they attempt to enter your premises. We will set the system up so that if an intruder does get in and triggers two or more devices, a confirmed alarm will be sent to the alarm receiving centre that can then notify the police and your keyholder.

Smoke cloak – If an intruder does get in, we can supply and install a Smoke Cloak system that, if triggered, will fill the protected area with thick smoke that prevents intruders from seeing what they are doing, thus significantly reducing the losses that could occur. The smoke is harmless and will soon dissipate once the alarm has been turned off and doors or windows opened.

Door Security – There is a wide range of methods of securing doors. From a simple maglock on a door to shoot bolts, electric releases and keeps.

Enhance your security with an access control system

Adding access control to your premises gives you control over who can get in and where they can access once in your building. 

Modern access control systems can be expanded from a single door to multiple doors across an extensive site or even to different sites almost anywhere in the world. This means that staff that work in different locations can have access using one ID card or fob.

The systems can be used for time and attendance so you know who has been in and when and can provide a log of who is on-site if there is a fire alarm and you need to check that everyone is present.

Intruder alarm control panel
Intruder alarms equipment

A wide range of devices can be used to grant access to users including:

Biometric readers – They use several technologies that use unique biological markers that are difficult to replicate, including facial recognition devices and fingerprint scanners.

PIN codes – We can add a keypad to any reader to increase the level of security or as the main means of access. It can be set with one code for everyone or individual codes for each user.

Bluetooth – We can install readers that can use Bluetooth technology to grant access using an app on users’ phones.

Vehicle registration recognition –  By integrating CCTV cameras we can scan vehicles upon entry, check a database of authorised vehicles, and only allow the vehicles with prior authorisation to have access.

Intercoms –  Once you have an access control system, if you are stopping people from getting into your building or onto your site, we can add an intercom that will enable you to speak directly to anyone requesting access before they are allowed admittance.

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The Imperative of Commercial Intruder Alarms

The advent of commercial intruder alarms has transformed the security landscape for businesses, serving not just as a deterrent against potential intruders but also as a critical component in the overall risk management and insurance strategies for commercial entities. The presence of a robust alarm system can significantly reduce insurance premiums, making it an investment that offers returns beyond mere security.

commercial intruder alarm
commercial intruder alarms

At its core, a commercial intruder alarm system is designed to detect any unauthorised entry into a property, triggering an alert that can be both audible on the premises and remotely monitored by a security firm or the business owner. This immediate notification is crucial in preventing theft, vandalism, and damage to valuable assets, ensuring that businesses can operate with the assurance that their premises are safeguarded.

Components and Functionality

A comprehensive commercial intruder alarm system encompasses a variety of components, each playing a pivotal role in detecting and signalling an intrusion. Central to the system is the control panel, which functions as the brain, coordinating the responses of all connected sensors and devices. Key components include:

Motion Detectors: Employed to sense movement within the premises, utilising infrared, microwave, or ultrasonic technology to identify potential intruders.

Door and Window Contacts: Designed to detect the opening of doors and windows, these contacts trigger the alarm when a breach is detected.

Glass Break Sensors: Specifically tuned to the frequency of breaking glass, these sensors add an additional layer of protection for areas with significant glass exposure.

Alarm Sirens: Serve as an immediate deterrent to intruders, while also alerting nearby individuals or security personnel to the breach.

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Frequently asked questions

We can design and install a wireless system that needs minimal installation ensuring you get protection with little disruption.

Subject to certain criteria designed to reduce the risk of false alarms, a professionally designed system can be linked to our Alarm Receiving Centre where the system is monitored 24/7 and when necessary they can automatically contact the Police.

Most of our alarm systems can be set and unset using a key fob, and modern alarms can be operated using an App on a mobile phone.

Most existing systems can easily be upgraded to enable you to control it using your mobile.

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