Gate automation

Why do you need gate automation?

Having to open and close gates manually can be tedious, and for this reason, they usually get left open. Leaving entranceways open increases the likelihood of someone gaining unauthorised access to your property. If your home driveway uses gate automation, it makes it much harder for criminals to drive up to your home and burgle you.

Gate automation
Intruder alarm control panel

Our gate automation services include:

Gates – With each property being different, each gate needs to be measured and reviewed to see which will work best for you.

Shutters – From warehouses to shop fronts, shutters are a great solution to keeping intruders out. These can be as simple as a grill on the inside or a roller shutter on the outside.

Intercoms – To stop unwanted visitors or greet genuine callers, we can install an intercom system at the entrance to your site so you can grant entrance to people once you have spoken to them. This can be audio or audio-visual and can link to a phone in reception, the office or through to an app on your mobile.

Vehicle recognition – Only automatically open gates for people with prior authorisation by interconnecting an ANPR camera to your system

Maintenance – Keep your automated gates in full working order with our service packages.

What are my options for gates?

We can design the gates and have them manufactured by one of our team of expert craftsmen, or select from a massive range of prefabricated gates. These can be wooden, metal, ornamental or even sliding gates if opening space is limited.

We can fit operators to existing gates or new ones and these can be motorised arms fitted on the back of the gates or underground operators that are concealed below ground.

For car parks, we can install barriers or rise-and-fall bollards to prevent unwanted vehicles from entering your site.

Gates and barriers can be controlled by radio key fobs, ANP cameras or intercoms or a combination of any or all of them. Our team will discuss the options with you.

Engineer maintaining system

Book a free consultation with one of our experts!

Each and every one of our customers deserves the very best service and this starts from when you first contact us. The first step is to book a call with us. After that discovery call, we will visit your home or business premises to review what technology you need, where it is best used, and why it would benefit you. Only when we understand the level of risk you are facing will we put a proposal together for you.

We are fully certified and accredited with the SSAIB, so you can be confident you will get what’s right for you!

Frequently asked questions

Our team can design and install gate automation to virtually any gate. These can be single- or double-leaf, sliding or we can even install rise and fall bollards or barriers.

We work with a wide range of suppliers and even have gates made to your specific design by one of our experienced craftsmen. Just discuss what you want with our Surveyor and we will do the rest.

By integrating your gates with an intercom we can connect your gates to you via a mobile phone so you can see and hear anyone pressing the call button. You can then let them in from anywhere you have an internet connection.

As long as we can get power to the gates we can automate them. Sometimes we may need to use a GSM transmitter to link the intercom to the house. Our team can install trenches and ducts to install cables between the gates and the buildings where we can get power.

Our team will discuss the options with you. We can install a ground sensing loop so as you approach the gates they open automatically. Or you can use a radio key fob. For higher security, we can add an intercom inside the gates so that anyone leaving has to contact the owner or security office to open the gates.

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Our team can design and install underground operators by setting them level with the road surface, there is very little equipment on view making for a far more aesthetically pleasing installation. We can arrange for all the groundwork necessary, including new drives, lighting, cameras – the complete package. Just call us to find out more.

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