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Intruder Alarms

We can design and install a wireless system that needs minimal installation ensuring you get protection with little disruption.

Subject to certain criteria designed to reduce the risk of false alarms, a professionally designed system can be linked to our Alarm Receiving Centre where the system is monitored 24/7 and when necessary they can automatically contact the Police.

Most of our alarm systems can be set and unset using a key fob, and modern alarms can be operated using an App on a mobile phone.

Most existing systems can easily be upgraded to enable you to control it using your mobile.


For domestic use there is no requirement for a licence and even commercial systems will only have to be registered with the Data Protection Office.

Our surveyors will advise you of any restrictions on what you can and cannot record and will help to design a system that meets your needs.

We can set up the system so you can see images from your cameras on your TV or on a PC or on your mobile. All we need is a connection to your network or the internet and you can view the images wherever you want.

We can set the system up so it notifies you on your phone of any activity within the view of the camera. We can set up electronic tripwires or set out an area of interest and anyone crossing or entering that area would automatically let you know.

We can set your cameras up so they are monitored 24/7 by a professional CCTV Monitoring company. By utilising state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence filtering, the system automatically filters out weather, flora or fauna ensuring that only genuine intrusions are passed to the CCTV Control Room.

We can install cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom, which are able to see up to 150 m from the camera in complete darkness, ensuring that you get total protection from the system. You can take control of these cameras using your phone or PC or we can set them up to automatically track objects or follow a predefined tour to maximise your protection.

Access Control and Intercoms

We can design and install an access control system to cover one door on your office or multiple doors in different buildings in any location. All we need to link systems together is a network connection.

We can fit an intercom to virtually any door so that you can talk to callers and, by adding an electric release, open the door for them.

We can design and install automatic gates and barriers controlled by an intercom or an access control system, or even use automatic number plate recognition so known vehicles are let in or out. Fitting an intercom to link the gate to your house or into the office gives you added security so only those you want to get entry, can get in.  We can even link gates and barriers to your mobile phone so you can see and talk to callers wherever you are.

We can design a system to use cards that can be printed for use as ID cards, or that use key fobs or even a mobile phone via Bluetooth. For higher security systems we can even use fingerprint or facial recognition to restrict access. Our surveyors will discuss the options with you to ensure you get a system that works for you.

Fire Alarms

The Fire Reform Act of 2005 sets out the legal requirements for those with control over a building. One of those requirements is that the Responsible Person should carry out a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) and use the findings to determine the level of protection necessary to minimise any Risks that have been identified.  

The FRA will stipulate the type and grade of system needed.

We can work with you to help decide the best system to suit your needs and prepare a design that will give the protection indicated.

In some locations, a basic manual (M) system is all that is necessary, but ideally, you want to raise an alarm as soon as possible to give anyone in the building the best chance of escaping and dealing with a fire. By having a system with automatic detection, you will increase its effectiveness.

We can now install wireless alarm systems that, in the majority of locations, need no wiring, (except to power the control panel) so most Planning Officers are happy for us to install a fire alarm, subject to certain Planning Requirements.

BAFE is one of the accreditation bodies that oversee the standard of installation work that companies carry out. Companies are regularly inspected and the whole process from design to installation and maintenance is all checked to ensure work is to an acceptable standard.

Gate Automation

Our team can design and install gate automation to virtually any gate. These can be single- or double-leaf, sliding or we can even install rise and fall bollards or barriers.

We work with a wide range of suppliers and even have gates made to your specific design by one of our experienced craftsmen. Just discuss what you want with our Surveyor and we will do the rest.

By integrating your gates with an intercom we can connect your gates to you via a mobile phone so you can see and hear anyone pressing the call button. You can then let them in from anywhere you have an internet connection.

As long as we can get power to the gates we can automate them. Sometimes we may need to use a GSM transmitter to link the intercom to the house. Our team can install trenches and ducts to install cables between the gates and the buildings where we can get power.

Our team will discuss the options with you. We can install a ground sensing loop so as you approach the gates they open automatically. Or you can use a radio key fob. For higher security, we can add an intercom inside the gates so that anyone leaving has to contact the owner or security office to open the gates.

Our team can design and install underground operators by setting them level with the road surface, there is very little equipment on view making for a far more aesthetically pleasing installation. We can arrange for all the groundwork necessary, including new drives, lighting, cameras – the complete package. Just call us to find out more.


Our experience shows us that all inclusive maintenance contracts are rarely all inclusive. There is always some get out clause and over a period of 4 to 5 years you will have paid for a complete new system. We find customers prefer to have an agreement that provides routine servicing to keep the system in good order, and just pay for any spares or repairs when they are necessary. It always works out to be more cost effective than paying for a new system every 5 years.

That all depends on the type of system we are maintaining. Basic intruder alarms, access control systems, CCTV systems and gates and barriers only require one service per annum. However, linked intruder alarms, fire alarms and monitored CCTV systems to ensure they operate correctly and do not give false alarms will be serviced more often.

With intruder alarms, unless we have an agreement with you, we will always need a manager there to grant access to the Engineering programming. However, with modern linked alarms, it is permissible for us to do a remote service by remotely accessing the system and running a set of tests and checks to make sure the system is operating as designed.

At the end of every service, our engineer will complete a report and will get a signature to show he has completed his work. As long as we have an email address for you, a copy of that report will be available for you when he has finished.

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Each and every one of our customers deserves the very best service and this starts from when you first contact us. The first step is to book a call with us. After that discovery call, we will visit your home or business premises to review what technology you need, where it is best used, and why it would benefit you. Only when we understand the level of risk you are facing will we put a proposal together for you.

We are fully certified and accredited with the SSAIB, so you can be confident you will get what’s right for you!

Crime is on the rise. Protect yourself.

The rising crime rate across the UK is a cause for concern, with incidents of theft, burglary, and violence on the increase. It is important for people to take measures to protect themselves and their property. Security protection can help deter potential criminals and provide peace of mind for homeowners and businesses alike. By investing in security measures such as CCTV cameras, intruder alarms and fire alarms, you can help reduce the risk of becoming a victim of crime and contribute to making your community safer.