Why do you need a maintenance package?

All of the solutions that Vale Fire & Security offers have the option to add a maintenance package. Our maintenance package options are for six or twelve months. If anything goes wrong, then we will be out to get it working again. Our services and technical support are 24 hours a day in order to work around your schedule.

Engineer maintaining CCTV camera
Security system maintenance

Our maintenance packages are available for:

Intruder alarms – Ensure all alarms are in working order and effectively keeping people out.
To ensure all alarms are in working order, take out a maintenance agreement so you can be sure your system is effective at keeping people out and raising an alarm if they try to get in.

CCTV – If a camera fails, and you have blind spots, it can be harder to keep track of what is happening in and around your property. By getting our engineers to maintain your system, you can be sure it is working as it should and is providing the protection it was designed to give.

Access control and intercoms – If your access control systems aren’t maintained properly, and they fail, then you could have unauthorised vehicles get past the barriers. Our engineers will also ensure that all controlled doors and intercoms are operating correctly and, if used, that the software is up to date.

Fire alarms – Protecting your employees is a legal requirement; if a fire alarm stops working, you are putting your team at risk. By using us to maintain your system you can be sure that if the system is needed, it will work as it should. We will also check to ensure that any changes to how the premises are used or structural changes have not affected the cover the system was designed to provide.

Gate automationWe will make sure everything is properly lubricated, correctly aligned and that all safety features operate as they should.

By getting our engineers to maintain your system, you can be sure it is working as it should and is providing the protection it was designed to give.

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Each and every one of our customers deserves the very best service and this starts from when you first contact us. The first step is to book a call with us. After that discovery call, we will visit your home or business premises to review what technology you need, where it is best used, and why it would benefit you. Only when we understand the level of risk you are facing will we put a proposal together for you.

We are fully certified and accredited with the SSAIB, so you can be confident you will get what’s right for you!

Frequently asked questions

Our experience shows us that all inclusive maintenance contracts are rarely all inclusive. There is always some get out clause and over a period of 4 to 5 years you will have paid for a complete new system. We find customers prefer to have an agreement that provides routine servicing to keep the system in good order, and just pay for any spares or repairs when they are necessary. It always works out to be more cost effective than paying for a new system every 5 years.

That all depends on the type of system we are maintaining. Basic intruder alarms, access control systems, CCTV systems and gates and barriers only require one service per annum. However, linked intruder alarms, fire alarms and monitored CCTV systems to ensure they operate correctly and do not give false alarms will be serviced more often.

With intruder alarms, unless we have an agreement with you, we will always need a manager there to grant access to the Engineering programming. However, with modern linked alarms, it is permissible for us to do a remote service by remotely accessing the system and running a set of tests and checks to make sure the system is operating as designed.

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At the end of every service, our engineer will complete a report and will get a signature to show he has completed his work. As long as we have an email address for you, a copy of that report will be available for you when he has finished.

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