Access Control

Our homes and places of work are under constant threat from people who want what we have, and keeping them out is paramount in preventing loss. 


Vale Fire & Security can install and maintain a vast range of access control systems designed to mitigate the problems you have identified. From a single door intercom to a multi-site access control and time & attendance system, we have the knowledge and experience to design and install a system to suit your needs.


Controlling access to your property is key to improving your security, and can be relatively simple to achieve. The simple things like good quality door and window locks are effective means of keeping unwanted visitors out, but if you can keep them away from the property and control how close they can get without your permission, this increases our level of security considerably.


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By fitting automatic gates or barriers at the entrance, only those who you want can come onto your property. However this is not always practical, so keeping them outside the building , especially with commercial sites is the next best thing. Fitting an intercom will permit genuine visitors easy access and make it difficult for uninvited callers to get in.


Once you have a control point it is easy then to control movement within the building. An access control system can do much more than control access; it can provide time and attendance records, inform you of who is in and out, give line updates of where people go and restrict access to areas where only authorised persons can go. 


Modern systems are easy to operate and can use a whole host of control features and devices. Anything from facial recognition, finger prints or palm readers to IC cards to coded keypads, simple proximity cards or fobs, all can be integrated into a system, with different devices being used on the same system to increase even further the level of security.  


Vale Fire & Security Ltd has many years of experience that enables us to design and install systems that fit your needs and your budget. For the opportunity to discuss the options available to you, call Vale Fire & Security Ltd today.


Call us first and call us today to see how we can minimise your exposure by installing and maintaining modern safety and security systems. Our experiences sales team will arrange to meet you and survey your premises and provide a free quotation to address the risks you face.  Whether it is upgrading an existing outdated system, installing a new one or just maintaining an existing one, call us today to see how we can help.


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