Vale Fire & Security Ltd are a market leading provider of security and safety systems for home, businesses and institution across the West Midlands.


It is in fact that our homes and businesses are constantly under threat from internal and external risks such as theft and vandalism. Installing a CCTV system can reduce your exposure to that threat, if you would like to know how, call us today to take the first step in protecting your property.


Our CCTV systems use the very latest technology to keep you ahead of the field. When you have made the decision to consider having a CCTV system installed, our experienced sales team will discuss you requirements with you then carry out a detailed site survey so we can assess your needs. 


Only when we have a full understanding of those problems you are trying to overcome will we then issue a design to counter these problems. We do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Every installation is different, and only by careful design can we ensure the installation you accept will work for you in the way you want.



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We can install and maintain systems as diverse as a single camera or a multi-site, networked camera surveillance system linked into a control room and anything in between.


We can provide modern tapeless digital recording systems, remote viewing using your phone or PC, network connected cameras provide a wide range of viewing solutions even automatic face or number plate recognition systems, the possibilities are endless. 


All our systems are designed to latest standards, ensuring you get an installation that is fit for purpose and not something bought off the internet and stuck on the wall.


At Vale Fire & security we take pride in putting the customer first, and take time to ensure we understand the risks you are facing and how we can help minimise those risks. 



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