CCTV System Analytics

An Innovative People Flow Solution For Social Distancing

Our People Counting Solutions use the latest technology to monitor and restrict the flow of people through your premises whilst social distancing measures are in place.



Protect your staff, customers and the public by providing a safer environment to minimise the spread of infection. 


We can install advanced AI cameras to count the number of people in and out of a defined area and give you real time displays at entrances to show the number of people inside. A traffic light system is then used to indicate when it is safe to enter and the fully reported system that can provide you with statistical data to allow the management of staff personal and reportable data.


  • Single or Multi entrance / exit solutions
  • Simple & flexible installation
  • High people counting accuracy up to 98%
  • Helps ensure Government social distancing regulation compliance
  • Reduces the risk of infection
  • Optional temporary queue control barriers control systems


This flow control solution is particularly useful for businesses such as:


  • Supermarkets,  Pharmacies, Banks, Shops, Offices, Public Transport, Construction Environments, Events Venues/Stadiums.

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We can install and maintain systems as diverse as a single camera or a multi-site, networked camera surveillance system linked into a control room and anything in between.

We can provide modern systems, with the Latest AI integration like Body Scan Temperature reporting, Counting In & Out, Object Missing, Cross Line Alarms, Intrusion Detection, Face Recognition. Remote viewing using your phone or PC.


Use Cameras to Monitor crowd density to prevent overcrowded locations. Get visibility on the number of people present on a site, and show real-time occupancy so that resources are allocated accordingly. Can be linked to access control, door control, light indicators, PA systems.


All our systems are designed to latest standards, ensuring you get an installation that is fit for purpose and not something bought off the internet and stuck on the wall.


At Vale Fire & Security we take pride in putting the customer first, and take time to ensure we understand the risks you are facing and how we can help minimise those risks.